Friday, August 23, 2013

On My Way!

My view the morning of Monday, August 19th...

My entertainment for the flight to Chicago and first couple hours of my flight to Abu Dhabi...
Due to a 90 minute delay in departing PDX and a long line at the Etihad check-in counter, a 3 hour lay-over in Chicago turned into a crazy rush to get to my flight. At least I wasn't the only one...the line to get on the plane was a quarter mile long when I got there...the "hurry up and wait" game. Luckily I sat on the aisle on the 13 hour flight to Abu Dhabi so I could stand up and stretch whenever I needed. I sat next to a sweet, toothless old lady from Pakistan and her son who was escorting her home from a visit to his home in the US. Despite the language barrier, we hit it off right away. She was camera shy though. 

Two of several friendly flight attendants on Etihad flight...and this is after a 13 hour flight! We were waiting to get off the plane in Abu Dhabi.

Home sweet home! After being efficiently herded (along with a hundred or more teachers and their families) through the eye scan, then customs, then onto buses, then through the hotel check-in line, we headed off to our luxurious room assignments! switch  my brain to a time zone 13 hours ahead of Oregon.

My view the morning of Wednesday, August 21st...yes I completely lost Tuesday in the trip!


  1. What a great start to your adventure Angie. I love the pictures and am excited to here more. Keep it coming!

  2. Wow! Must be hard to take! ;) It sure looks like your hosts want you to be comfortable. Just keep that "can do" attitude, and I'm sure you'll do many good things. Look forward to keeping up with your school year. Hugs~ Jeanne H.

  3. Oh how I love to see the pictures of the flight, the hotel, the beach,... It seems like I can almost smell the humidity in Abu Dhabi! ;-)