Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Place to Call Home

SOOO excited to see my new apartment! 
  a bit of new apartment construction dust was welcome relief 
after hearing about some people's move-in situations.

Great kitchen - Mom would LOVE this place, especially the pool!
 COOL view - 22 floors up!
an entire wall of this view? both in the living room an bedroom!
a move-in gift of two plush "Rihan Heights" pool towels

Kim (my friend and neighbor one floor up) bravely approaching the window in her bedroom that overlooks the mosque (notice her "death grip" on the crossbar?) She is very excited to have a view of the mosque, but wishes it was 20 floors lower! NOT a fan of heights.

The more I talk with people and see their apartments, the luckier I feel! I was placed not only in a perfect location, but also in what I think is the best apartment complex that ADEC is placing their teachers in Abu Dhabi. It is not IN downtown, but use outside and easy enough to get anywhere in town without having the daily hassle of being in the thick of it. Traffic gets very congested as you go further in. Of all the complexes, it is THE closest to where I work, and right off the highway on which I commute. It is in "Zayed Sports City" which means I am literally surrounded by every type of athletic venue that exists here (except skiing - that's in Dubai). The streets are mostly business park type side streets which have very little traffic, making it a good running area. I am right across the street from a big beautiful park with a maze of brick walkways. Also across the street is Al Noor Hospital, the most respected hospital in town from what I hear. This is where I would go for anything medical that I need need including a 24-hour "clinic" and a pharmacy. We have a nice little gym with a variety of equipment, big beautiful pool that overlooks the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (the most photographed building in town), a nice little grocery market, a cafe (that will open soon), cleaners, mini-pharmacy that has a decent selection of good brands of vitamins, sunscreen, etc, and a newly opened salon. I am on the 22nd floor of 30 and my view is completely open to the city skyline, some water, a cool looking bridge, an executive airport, the park I mentioned, and a soccer field. The layout of my apartment was very well thought out, and really couldn't be more perfect! It has one bedroom, one  and a half baths, a medium size laundry room, an open-style living room - eating area - kitchen space, and a cozy little covered balcony that is big enough for two chairs, a little table, and a drying rack. Some people have these weird little galley style kitchens that you can barely move in, I have a big open kitchen with plenty of counter space and even a nice long breakfast bar. 

looking towards front door & hallway going to half bath & laundry room

my work space at the bar

living room - taken from the bar (peek into bedroom on far right)

 went a little crazy on colors at IKEA...

view out my balcony of a few sports venues, the hospital (on right), park, 
and distant city skyline (it's closer than it looks)

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  1. Wow Angie....what a fabulous looking living situation. Wishing you all the best. I don't think you are likely celerating Thankgiving with the locals, but hope you had some form of celebration in honor of all us yanks back home! Love seeing all your photos. Sounds like you have found a wonderful fit for this journey. I wish you well and happiness.....your "other" sis! Linda