Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nice to meet you Abu Dhabi: Part Three

The Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian Show
with Lori & Dan

I wondered, "What does one find at such an event?"

I'm not sure if these guns were actually for hunting, but what a cool collection of historical artifacts!

Mini Vehicles for Kids...
We're not talking your basic backyard Fisher-Price variety here...these things are borderline road-ready!

These birds are both pets and hunting companions. I never figured out if the falcon actually catches the prey for its owner and brings it back, but I think it does. Apparently the little hoods are what keep the falcons calm. It was a bit unsettling to see so many birds with little hoods and leashes.

No, I'm not in Scotland...promise!

Camel Auction...
Mom and baby are auctioned off together as a pair.

Traditional Music - Singing - Cane Dance...

Very catchy chanting tune!
I have some great video of this, but it's not uploading - grrrr!

I think they use them for hunting...they sure were skinny!

Traditional Bedoin Campfire Setup...

Basic Camping Supplies
(You know, just the basics) picnic baskets...

...2-burner stoves (you choose - gas or electric?) glass & fine china tea sets powered tent with all the comforts of home
 ...even the kitchen counter & cabinets!
I think that box with the glowing light might be a refrigerator. Pretty sure I saw a TV in there too.

Endangered Birds...
If I understand correctly, these are the favored prey in falconry because of the meat. 
I believe they're working towards restoring the population. 
Is it just me, or is it a bit odd that they have these in the same tent as thousands of their biggest predators?

Travel boxes & coffee tables...
Go big or go home!

Drying Racks...
You put a pot of incense under one of these and hang your clothes over it to dry and absorb the scent. 
I guess that's one way to not smell like perspiration when you've been in sweltering heat all day.

Arabic Coffee...
They roast it and grind it by hand right there at the campfire and then serve it in these sweet little china cups! 

 This kind young man made and served me a cup.

Women doing traditional weaving and basket making...

Some wicked quads!

My Dream Car...WOW!
(This is my dorky "I'm in complete and speechless awe" pose)
Back when I was 16 years old, I wanted a porsche 911 sooo bad! This is even the exact color that I wanted...and it's still pretty enticing! My mom even managed to give me one for my 16th birthday
...well a matchbox size replica of one anyhow. I'm pretty sure I still have it tucked away in a box somewhere on another continent. Maybe I'll bring one home for a souvenir of UAE.

Not a bad bit of culture for one evening eh?

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