Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The "Green City"

This is a new community that is underway, which will include the most recent developments in "green" technology and is supposed to be fully self-sustaining. At this point though, it is mainly a institute of learning, research, and development. Still, the public is allowed to visit and explore at their leisure, 
and so I did. 
It was like visiting a futuristic ghost town!

Entrance to the parking lot

You can't drive into the city…a self-driven, electromagnetic car takes you in!

I feel lie I've stepped into a sci-fi film

 Wow, there are other ones out there floating around too…this is wild!

Scolded by a computerized car!
 It told me to sit down when I got out of my seat to take a photo : ( 

OK, that was novel and fun new way to travel!

Map of what they have so far

First sign of recycling since I landed in August
I wonder though…if this is the only recycling done here, does it all really just end up in the same place? 

The courtyard area is cooled by this thing…pretty cool! 
Haha, like my pathetic pun? ; )
Oooh…alliteration too! I'm on a literary technique roll here.

Residences still under construction

Looking towards what will eventually be a whole self-sustaining community

These window shades automatically adjust to close out direct sunlight

Some residences that look pretty close to being inhabitable

a brand new, still getting the finishing touches, athletic facility

the lobby level

up another flight…a beautiful gymnasium, racketball court included

A cute little store with mostly organic products, several familiar brands!

A Japanese restaurant with a few choices of sushi
 and salad

model of what is to come...

A constantly changing informational display

Found home...Pacific Northwest

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