Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pre-National Day

People spend a couple weeks preparing before National Day by decorating cars, roadsides, buildings…pretty much anything they can think of to decorate with the UAE flag, national colors (red, green, black & white) and various arrangements of Sheikhs' pictures.

Unrelated - my beautiful drive to work

 Well, not always beautiful… Hey! Maybe we'll get rain again!

Morning Assembly at school has more elements (and more decoration) these days

A little stop-off to watch the boys doing Jiu Jitsu

Hall decorating - first successful group effort I've witnessed with these kids
(except for small groups escaping over the compound walls)

Down near the Heritage Village across from the Corniche - even the lights are decorated
I was hoping to find some local artisans selling their goods at Heritage Village this weekend, but found the place quiet and almost empty, except for preparations for an upcoming marina sporting event.

Panorama of Abu Dhabi City

A contrast of old & new: old boat at Heritage Village with cityscape in background

 model of a traditional well

A bit of pool time brought a private little air show
With the private air strip right besides our complex, we got to watch eight planes practice formations for the upcoming air show at the Corniche

I even got to watch from my balcony as they took off in formation

house decoration below me

Hospital decorations too

Pretty sunset

 I just thought the Coke bottle in Arabic looked cool

If you can imagine it in UAE colors, this guy has it!

Can you guess how old the UAE is this year?

A few days later…the hospital added lights to the huge flags covering the end of each wing
This way it's patriotic, both night and day!

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