Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rainy Day

"Wow! People told me it only rains here once every year or two," I thought on my drive out to work, as about 50 drops of rain revealed just how dusty my windshield was.

Then it really hit about 30 minutes into the school day and everyone went NUTS!

Jern Yafoor (my school) entrance & parking lot

So, they called in the buses and sent the kids home...

and ordered in lunch for the teachers!

Good times with colleagues... Yep, we officially LOVE rainy days here!
I think it was lamb briyani & assorted accompaniments like hummus and veggies

Do you remember pull-tabs? I thought they outlawed these devilish things! I recall my sister cutting her foot severely on one of these when we were kids. Shame-shame Pepsi.

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